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  1. simon sieff says:

    look forward to the updates!

  2. Looking forward to receiving updates from the inside spa tracker!

  3. Sue starkie says:

    Wondered what your thoughts were on the Caudalie spas or if you had been to any of them in France/Spain/Portugal/Turkey/USA/Brazil?

    • darcy says:

      Hi Sue

      I have been to the Caudalie spa at the Marques de Riscal in Spain. It’s a very good looking spa but I can’t say they are my favourite products. I don’t feel they get the results of other ranges and the treatments aren’t that special either.

      Thanks for your question. Hope you like the blog


  4. Katie says:

    oh how I wish we could swap jobs for a month, year, decade…! this is a great site for keeping up with ‘all-you-need-to-know spa news’ with great tips – i’m accruing a list of ‘must haves’ and live in hope of experiencing some of these fabulous places soon – I’d be a great mystery spa shopper! hint hint

  5. Kevin says:

    “You are the wind beneath my wings!” “Did you ever know you’re my hero and everything I’d like to be?”

  6. Dannie says:

    Luv the sight,can’t wait for more updates…

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