A top tip for the bottom line

Pippa's pert one

Living through the worst recession on record and the increasingly obvious signs of climate change, it’s easy to get distracted from the truly important things in life like how does Pippa Middleton maintain the world’s most talked-about arse. Fortunately, I’m here to keep you focussed….

She does pilates. As it happens, my favourite pilates teacher Nova Cairns has just opened a studio on the Isle of Wight where she also runs the inhouse pilates classes for cult beauty range, Liz Earle (the company has its HQ on the IoW – I know, who would have thought that small lump of land off the south coast was so interesting).


Nova doing pilates . . . not on the Isle of Wight

Nova is simply a wonderful teacher but as getting to the Isle of Wight is really only convenient if you live in Lymington and, as I imagine 75% of the population has no idea where Lymington is and the other 25% wish they didn’t, you’re probably never going to catch that ferry over so… I asked Nova for her If-you-could-only-do-one-butt-exercise exercise as opposed to all the crappy, ineffective ones instructors throw in just to fill out the hour. Here it is, girls, so groan, gurn and feel the burn…

Lie on your side, your head cushioned on your underneath outstretched arm, the other acting as a stabliser.
Bend both legs to right angles in front of you. Engage your stomach muscles (there’s no need to suck them right in, just hold as though you are wearing tight jeans).
Raise the top leg as high as it will go, hold, then slowly lower, repeat 10/20 times. Keep shoulders, hips, knees and feet in alignment as you lift your leg. If you start to wobble, don’t raise your leg so high.
Rest, then raise leg again and turn tiny circles, 10 times in one direction, then 10 in the other.
Rest, then do the other side. Afterwards, stretch out.

Just too damn exhausting? Don’t worry, there’s always a sarong until some bright spark invents the Spanx bikini.

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One Response to A top tip for the bottom line

  1. John Halstead says:

    Great exercise, I can see in a few weeks time I will be rivaling Pippa Middleton~!!

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