Richard Gere’s Bedford hotel

We’ve left New York for a quick flit to the cute little village of Bedford where we’re staying at Richard Gere’s hotel, the Bedford Post Inn.  It’s incredibly friendly and homely, not in the least bit Hollywood. I’ll be writing about its  fabulous yoga programme soon. I’ve already “spotted” Richard several times. Once he turned out to be a rather portly grandfather. Another time I thought I’d clocked the actor getting out of a car only to discover on closer inspection that the man was, in fact, Asian. I also spotted Hispanic Richard Gere, Gardener Richard Gere – even Red-Haired Richard Gere. The real Richard Gere has proved elusive, however. Perhaps he’s busy clearing out his music studio. He has just put 107 guitars and amps up for sale at Christie’s.  The auction takes place on October 11, with all the proceeds going to humanitarian causes. There’s a cool-looking Gibson Flying V… if you have a spare $90,000. I could probably afford a couple strings.

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