London’s hot new massage therapy

There are too many spas in this world and not nearly enough experienced masseurs to go round which means resorts end up employing young girls whose qualifications amount to little more than completing a weekend course in learning how to light a scented candle without burning themselves. They think wearing a white uniform and pressing really, really hard makes them a massage therapist.

Fortunately, the new buzz massage technique comes from skincare guru Eve Lom and concentrates on ultra light stimulation  of the nervous system rather than digging out your muscle. I first experienced the true brilliance of Eve Lom a few years back. I had a patch of acne on my chin that just wouldn’t shift. I tried everything – don’t tell anyone but I even resorted to steroid lotion from the GP, still no joy. Then I was idly looking at the instructions as I opened a new jar of Eve Lom cleanser and saw that she recommended an easy facial lymph drainage regime for those with dull complexions. Why not? I thought, although I was sceptical that a few light touches on my neck, forehead, cheeks and chin could possibly make any difference. Fast forward a couple of weeks… and the spots had disappeared. That’s a true story, folks.

If Eve, left, believes in her new painfree body massage based on craniosacral therapy then so do I. It’s called Back to Front because you start on your back rather than the traditional head-in-cradle, tummy-on-table position and it features  extremely light pressure (imagine the weight of a 5p piece on your skin) and soothing stretching that works on the vagus and peripheral nerves. You only have to loosen your clothing, the therapist doesn’t need to apply oils or creams or use stones or poultices. Early reports are that it is extraordinarily effective at enhancing your mood, improving your posture and aiding digestion – all of which will improve your general wellbeing and help give you a glowing skin. Eve Lom (whose celebrity fans include Nigella Lawson and Madonna) has never been one to call a spade a gardening implement. She doesn’t believe in miracles, just intelligent harnessing of our bodies own resources. When she speaks, the industry takes note so watch out for this light-weight massage starting to pop up on menus worldwide. Try one at her own treatment rooms in Spanish Place or at Agua Spa at the Sanderson in London, above. Of course, it’s not cheap, £150 for 60 minutes but you’re worth it.

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