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Laughter yoga displays a sense of humour

Apparently, the human brain cannot distinguish between real and faked emotion (I think we’ve all had an ex or two like that, haven’t we?). It is how scientists explain the fact that we can cry at sad films (although, for … Continue reading

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How yoga turns you into Mickey Rourke

I haven’t got very flexible hips. It’s a shameful admission as well as the kind of confession that would bring a malicious glint to the eye of the headmistress at my old convent school because, of course, it means I … Continue reading

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Why you should give Gethin Jones a miss for Keira

So you don’t feel your age. There are usually two reasons for this – you don’t feel anything any more, or you’ve accepted that the older you get, the more you need to do to maintain your health including taking … Continue reading

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