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Best hotels in Marrakech

Marrakech is super sexy but after a couple of days of the snake charmers, the souqs that would make the best sat-nav develop a stutter and the constant battery by bartering, I normally have a headache the size of Wales … Continue reading

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How to have healthy hair

Holiday snaps? How I wish it just meant looking through someone’s boring photographs. For me, it’s more about what happens to my follicles in foreign parts. Yes I have the kind of hair that drives men mad on holiday. Well, … Continue reading

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Daylesford Organic Farm

Daylesford is the Ferrari of the farm world: organic, sustainable and so stylish it’s worthy of an Elle Decor centrefold. Ten minutes in one of its shops and I start channelling Gwyneth Paltrow and want to buy everything. Sadly, when … Continue reading

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