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You know what I think about… couples treatments

The world of well-being is not a participation sport. Avoid couples treatments at all cost. They are simply a ruse by spas whose building design means they have been left with one or two larger treatment rooms, so they stick … Continue reading

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How to apply make-up properly

As Yves Saint Laurent famously said “The most beautiful make-up for a woman is passion. But cosmetics are easier to buy.” Not half, Yves. Problem is they’re not always that easy to apply. One of the reasons that I love … Continue reading

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SPA STEREOTYPES: the deluded devotee

Her birth name is Caroline but she never uses that now. She prefers Daasa, which is her sanskrit name. It means, well it actually means tormentor because she accidently typed “fiend” rather than “friend” into the English to Sanskrit dictionary … Continue reading

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