I can’t bear the thought of an airline losing my luggage, or that the likes of  Ryanair charge me for everything including emotional baggage so I travel light, very light. People are always intrigued by how I manage to cram everything into one small bag.

I’ll let you in on a secret, it’s easy because I stick to a handful of smart designers who create outfits that work for day and night, casual or smart, and use clever fabrics that don’t crease, the traveller’s holy grail. One of my favourites is a company called Feather and Bone, the clothes are fabulously feminine, flattering, affordable and easy to wear whether I’m in New York (where I will be wearing the dress above later this week) or Mauritius (where I will be wearing the top, left, in November). The company is new, the amalgamation of the brain power of two well-known and well-loved fashionistas Jules Garnell (ex Sundar Style) and Carole Mckeown (ex Baby Ceylon). The website doesn’t go live until the start of next month and there is a pop-up In London on October 6 where I will be elbows out and testing the flexibility of my BFF, Mastercard. See you there.

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