Best ever bottom exercise

Right you have to choose between world peace, an end to climate change or a bottom exercise that really works. I’ll make it easy for you – a bottom exercise that really works and is dead easy to perform. Yeah, I know that world peace thing – so over-rated, isn’t it? 

A couple of weeks ago, I was in Greece and stayed at the absolutely fabulous Amanzoe – don’t get excited it may be fabulous, it is also incredibly expensive. Rooms are E825 a night, room only (hey Amanresorts can’t you chuck in a coffee and croissant for that kind of outlay?). The rooms are wonderful, the public areas are just lovely, the spa was indulgent but the yoga/pilates pavilion was my favourite space. 

It has beyond beautiful views over olive groves to the mountains in one direction and the sea in the other. The pavilion was open to the elements when I arrived but when it got a little chilly, the trainer hit the remote and glass panels came silently marching out from a secret recess enclosing the studio. Hey, now I understand why it’s E850 a night. I had a great pilates session and picked up this super-effective, super-easy, there-is-a-God exercise to give you a derriere you could rest a tray of drinks on.

Lie on your stomach, rest your forehead on the floor, bend your legs, knees out, heels together. Pull in your naval and squeeze your heels together, without contracting your gluteus saggimus. Do this every day and you’ll soon be booty-ful.

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2 Responses to Best ever bottom exercise

  1. Becky says:

    I am not convinced of this exercise. ;) Let’s be honest, sounds really dull, as well (at least for us meatheads) hehehe.

  2. darcy says:

    Come on then, I bet you have a brilliant one but it will hurt because you like to inflict a bit of pain.

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