One of the problems with flying a lot is your face ends up looking like an angry puff pastry 50% of the time. It’s fun to scare kids with but as I hate to upset small children – oh and also because I am incredibly vain, I’m always after tips about how to combat cabin pressure.

When I was in Mauritius, I met the totally delicious and genius Sophie Demaret, left, spa manager at the Prince Maurice. Among many top jobs she’s previously held, she opened Spa Nuxe in Paris where the likes of Vanessa Paradis and Johnny Depp, above, were regulars. Of course, those two have faces that could only be described as permanent French Fancies, so light and tasty they could reduce Mr Kipling to an agonised foetal position, but other stars arriving in the French capital for a premiere were so ravaged by travel that they feared they they might be mistaken for a member of a Rolling Stones tribute band. So Sophie started to develop a red-carpet facial massage that she’s now refined as a Prince Maurice signature treatment. After a 12-hour flight in business but with a seat that had technical “issues” (wouldn’t recline), I had the grooves like Jagger and, believe me, Maroon 5 wouldn’t want to write a song about them.

If you’ve ever doubted the benefits of facial massage, fly out, see Sophie and believe. It really was amazing how she produced cheekbones and smoothed away my frown lines, with just some clever massaging.  She used only four movements and though, of course, you won’t perform them as well, you’ll still see results. Here goes.

Start at the centre of your forehead, always working outwards and gradually down to the chin. Apply firm pressure and move slowly. Yes SLOWLY. I know you’ll start to get bored halfway through and remember you need to put the washing on but this massage should take 20 minutes.

First apply oil to your face, then using the pads of your fingertips trace small circles across your entire face, then using index fingers only, do small upward and downward movements, followed by small  ‘s’ shaped squiggles, then move your fingers side to side across your face. Hey you, the cynic with the face like an unbaked dough ball, don’t knock it til you’ve tried it.

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  1. Cathy Layne says:

    thanks for making me laugh xx

  2. Kevin Alger says:

    I am curious as to how many people did the actual treatment while reading this post. I did and I read it more that once!

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