Surviving Christmas: hangover cure part II

Yesterday, I posted an Aussie hangover cure. God knows those girls gave generously (as every clinic across the country can testify) but that doesn’t stop me from continuing to look for other remedies. Here’s another I got when dining at CUT, above, the glamorous new restaurant from celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck at 45 Park Lane.

The hotel is on the site of the former Playboy Club. Everything about the place still reeks of masculinity from the decor (sleek Art Deco lines), to the menu – it is the first time I have been shown a beef trolley, left, there were six fabulously expensive cuts wrapped up in linen and presented at the table. Even the music was manly (Bruce Springsteen, Queen, Supertramp, erm, I think the latter must have just slipped in via a box set). There were a lot of alpha males in the room, men who managed to turn laughing into a competitive sport. Red meat, red wine and red-blooded males, now that’s a combination that’s going to find it hard to get its head off the pillow the following morning. In other words, the perfect place to pick up a hangover cure. Here’s what the head bartender suggested.

45 Park Lane’s Hangover Cure

Tomato juice, lots of

Celery salt, smidge

Salt and pepper, smidge plus two

Non alcoholic beer, a dribble (about the same amount as on your pillow)

Lime juice, splash of

Lemon juice, splash of

Horseradish, hey kid, go as crazy as you like

Fresh chilli, don’t forget to rub some into your eyes, it’ll take your mind off  the funeral service for your brain cells

Worcester sauce, splash of

First draw the curtains and dim the lights – doesn’t affect the drink but will make you feel better instantly. Chill a glass in the freezer for 10 minutes, then hold it against your forehead. You should now have the strength to mix the ingredients, stir and drink.. Head into work and when anyone says you look rough, laugh like your life depends on it.

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