Surviving Christmas: the hangover cure

Many years ago I travelled around Australia including a stint as a waitress on Hamilton Island in the Great Barrier Reef (above, its famous heart-shaped reef). I’m not sure if the guests were having fun but the staff certainly were. It was pretty wild – too wild and you’d be NBO’d (sacked and put on the Next Boat Out) but you’d be surprised what passes as acceptable this far from the cradle of civilisation. For example, there were a group of girls who awarded themselves points for sleeping with guests – the highest honours went to anyone seducing a man on his honeymoon. Quite a few scored top marks. I promise you I didn’t even apply for a day pass to that particular club – but I did pick up a top tip for avoiding a hangover from them. Milk Thistle Liquid Extract. It’s available from all good health-food shops and you just have to lace your water with it pre- and post-party. I know what you’re thinking – it’s the water that cures the hangover. Now, come on, you know that’s not true, don’t you? The water definitely helps but it’s the Milk Thistle that takes away the top layer of pain. And remember those wise words from Ernest Hemingway: “Always do sober what you said you would do drunk. That’ll teach you to keep your mouth shut.”

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  1. Cathy Layne says:

    Hey, where have you been? I’ve missed your posts!

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