Best therapist tip: the cleanser

Things I hate, part one. Asking a therapist for her top tip and her replying something stupidly obvious like Drink lots of water. Wouldn’t it be great to feign complete ignorance and ask What is this thing you call water? How do I drink it again? Through my ear?

It’s equally annoying when all they do is recommend some product that they are flogging for a squi-zillion pounds, which is one reason why I loved Sophie Demaret, left, the super-smart and sassy French spa manager at the Prince Maurice, above, in Mauritius. Her top tip was to use a really good cleanser. First she mentioned Sisley’s Phyto Blanc foaming cleanser, which the spa stocks. So far, so unsatisfactory. Sisley is a fantastic range but sooo expensive. The foam cleanser costs £70. I’d have to sell my body 140 times to afford it and, after that, I’d be too exhausted to stand to use it – and sitting down would be out of the question.

Did Sophie, who has worked on some of the world’s most famous faces, have another suggestion – one perhaps for people who have to buy their own furniture? Of course, she did. She reckons Bioderma Sensibio H20 is just as good and it comes with the very sensibio price tag of a tenner. Sophie is super-slim, ordered chips with her mains, had a coffee afterwards and eats “a little bit of chocolate” every afternoon. That’s my kind of girl.

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