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Susan d’Arcy knows good spas…

I should do. I’ve been writing about luxury travel and spas for The Sunday Times for more than 20 years – filthy work but somebody has to do it… at least that’s what I tell my editor. During that time, I’ve been given all sorts of interesting little snippets and clever tips from therapists and I’ve experienced many weird and wonderful treatments and products that will never make it into print because those inconvenient things called ads take up so much space on the page. This blog gives me an opportunity to share all those sentences that the subs have had to snip from my articles. It’s also a place where I can let you know about great deals that I’ve come across. There are no “proper” reviews in this blog. If you want them, you’ll have to buy The Sunday Times. Here, you can read the sort of off-the-cuff comments that I’d say to a friend who phoned up asking about a certain place. I hope you like the blog and I especially hope you love the spas – but don’t forget what Anonymous said: “You don’t love a woman because she is beautiful, she is beautiful because you love her.” It’s a lie, of course, but as they go, it’s quite a nice one.


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