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SPA STEREOTYPES: the deluded devotee

Her birth name is Caroline but she never uses that now. She prefers Daasa, which is her sanskrit name. It means, well it actually means tormentor because she accidently typed “fiend” rather than “friend” into the English to Sanskrit dictionary … Continue reading

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SPA STEREOTYPES: the world’s worst therapist

Beth decided to open her own little spa after being made redundant from the pet shop. As she explained to her first client, she wanted to offer something more homely than at those hifalutin places, somewhere people could really relax. … Continue reading

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SPA STEREOTYPE: the friend-seeking spa goer

“Hello, I’m Fiona but my friends call me Fee so I do hope you’ll call me Fee. Don’t worry there isn’t a  fee – I’m like Tammy Wynette. For my love, there’s no charge!,” she said with an over-jolly laugh … Continue reading

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