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Tenerife – it’s the chopped liver of tourism, isn’t it? Just the thought of it makes you want to gag. I mean doesn’t a hotel in Tenerife thinks it’s upmarket if most of the guests’ tattoos are spelled properly? (My … Continue reading

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SHA Wellness Clinic: chocolate dessert

I’m here to tell you that miracles do happen. There really can be a dessert that is ultra healthy and yet loaded with chocolate. Granted you’d have to be the model 1950s housewife to make every element of this stud-of-a-pud … Continue reading

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Lip service that pays…

What sane person wants to run the risk of ending up with a trout pout so injections are out… but I bet you wouldn’t mind smackers like Angelina Jolie’s. You know, lips so big they could double as a plunger … Continue reading

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